Information and Communications Technology

From coding to sales, I had the opportunity to work in many different positions in Information Technology industry. Although it is an area of really hard and focused work, the joy of succeeding something challenging is incredible. To learn more about technological experiences and projects I have accomplished please click on the link below.


Teaching is the passion of conveying knowledge and experience to the learners with the support of educational materials. My perspective on teaching is delivering knowledge with interesting facts combined with experience in a passionate way. To read more about my educational strategies and methods, please click the link below...


An act of kindness towards the needy. Volunteering is a way of living. If your heart has much more love to share then you will be willingly motivated to give..


Frequently Asked Questions will be answered here...

In my academic course, Academic Study Skills, I spend two hours every week for 8 weeks in a term to answer this question thoroughly. For more information please check out the courses -> Academic Study Skills section which aims to inform freshman. 

Because life is boring and you need new things to inspire yourself to explore new areas of interests.

  • Making mistakes
  • Asking stupid questions
  • Teaching / summarizing someone what you have learned / studied
  • Searching more materials to gain deep knowledge on the subject matter
  • Watching documentaries, videos and movies about the subject
  • Reading / talking to someone about the subject

This is a very subjective matter. Some people feel accomplished with just one subject while others feel still unsatisfied with many different ones. So, this is a question everyone needs to ask themselves. For me, If I am happy to learn / study / do something that means I am happy. It doesn’t matter how much I know. 

Although I hate this mundane quote “Sky is the limit”. To be honest, we only create our limits by thinking about them. As long as you want to do anything in any condition, there will always be a way. So, don’t limit yourself and don’t let others limit you, either.  


A person of interest who will be happy to inform you on matters of curiosity.

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