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A multidisciplinary computer expert who excelled in educational and economic studies.

This sentence would be able to capture what I have done in my life up to now. Studying divergent subjects in social and technical topics gave me incredible insights on a wide range of issues. Whatever you mention, I will have at least a few sentences to talk about it. On this matter, recently I acquired an interest in history and politics which were once the most boring areas in my life. I must thank Crash Course founder John Green for his efforts in creating such engaging materials. His YouTube channel has contributed to my interest in many different subjects.

Lack of Interest

Most of the time, people are bored because they don’t have any goals and interests in a novel thing in their lives. Presenting them a new goal or an interesting fact gives them the curiosity they lacked for a long time.

"Learning is fun and entertaining, as long as you find something engaging"

Yilmaz Ozturk

My Experiences

IT Expert

Technology and IT related issues

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Educational and Teaching related subjects

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Business Life

Experiences related to business life..

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Helping the ones who need

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